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Magic Words


  • Copywriting

  • Copy-editing

  • Proofreading

  • Lyrics

  • Songwriting

  • Translation  • 

  • Language Courses and Tests  (LCaT)


Good_TidingsWe take copywriting much further than its conventional definition, that mainly refers to writing copy for advertising or publicity purposes. Take a look at our Good Tidings write-up to catch a glimpse of the way we approach and do our writing.



Copy-editing ensures that a manuscript says what it intends, resulting in a well-written, consistently styled, error-free text.

Magic Camel knows how to edit copy: meticulous dealing with obvious mistakes, but sensitive enough not to rewrite your copy to such an extent that it becomes that of another. Clarity, accuracy and understanding is what we aim for, but with respect for your style.

One must also realise that there is a difference between copy-editing and content editing. Few can explain the difference better than Victory Crayne. Read her article here: Copy Editing Versus Content Editing.



Editing is not proofreading. Editing comes first, before the text content goes for typesetting and preparation for either print or electronic publication.

Proofreading is a crucial part of the pre-print stage.

We use the proof correction marks provided by the British Standards Institution (BS 5261-2) and those provided by Interactive Training Ltd in the UK.


Creative translation

Translating any form of text from a source language to a target language is a highly complex exercise requiring specialist skills that only an experienced, professionally qualified translator can perform.

We can do it all, and in a range of disciplines – legal, literary, financial, agriculture, advertising, plain language, education, cultural context transfer and so forth – in all eleven official South African languages and a host of European languages. And Arabic as well.


Language Courses and Tests (LCaT)

Magic Camel Communications in partnership with Language Courses and Tests (LCaT),  present workshops to prepare prospective tertiary students for tests of academic literacy. The workshops are overseen by Albert Weideman, MD of LCaT.  Details are available on our Academic Magic page.

Discover the Magic

  • International Translation Day

    May 24, 2017 marks an historical milestone for all professional translators, interpreters and terminologists as the United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted Resolution A/71/L.68 recognising the role of professional translation in connecting nations, and fostering peace, understanding and development.

    In the same resolution, the UN declared 30 September as International Translation Day, to be celebrated across the entire UN network. The theme for #ITD2017 is Translation and Diversity .

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