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Corporate Magic

  • Corporate communication

  • Communication strategies

  • Employee communication

  • Corporate publications

  • Powerful presentations

  • Corporate reputation

  • Corporate identity

  • Media communication

  • Project communication

Corporate communication

MCC helps organisations to manage their internal and external communications. The goal is to communicate coherently, credibly and ethically. We support organisations in explaining their mission, in combining their vision and values into a coherent message.

Corporate communication links stakeholders to the organisation.


Communication strategies, policies and procedures

Is every one of your employees on the same playing field and does everyone understand exactly what is expected of them? Clearly defined policy and procedural documents are of critical importance: they lay down principles and guidelines for your actions. We work to help you deliver

  • promotional,
  • preventive and
  • crisis communication.


Employee communication

“… the most important type of communication in which a company can engage.” –Shel Holz, 2004

How would you align management strategies and policies with employee interests? Employee communication enables senior leaders to share their strategy for success with their employees. It inspires an informed and high-performing work force to engage willingly in achieving the vision and objectives of the company.

MCC can show you how.


Integrated employee communication approach

Print, e-mail, intranet, CEO weblog, notice board – which one works best?

The good news is that the great variety of communication vehicles that we have at our disposal in today’s world can all be made to work together in harmony.


Corporate publications

Newsletters, magazines, brochures, posters, annual reports …

Digital communication will probably never cancel out the need for print. Alongside the electronic arena of the internet, intranet, e-mail and social media, MCC brings you the durability of the well-designed, well-written magazine, brochure, annual report or newsletter.


Powerful presentations

Powerful_presentationsDeath by PowerPoint? Not if Magic Camel helps you to design it. A well-designed presentation with a logical structure, appropriate and attractive visuals and effective use of text is crucial to its successful delivery.

Magic Camel can help you make your presentations attractive, captivating, impactful and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

For a start, download the MCC Presentation guidelines. If it interests you, contact us and we will take it further from there. Magic Camel can compose, write, design and structure your presentation, and coach you to present it with zest and zeal.


Media communication

MCC helps our clients develop and maintain sound professional relations with key national and international media institutions and personalities. The aim is to seek objective, fair, balanced and accurate media reports about our client companies’ activities.

We are not spin doctors. We tell it as it is – and will do that promptly, factually and frankly.


Corporate reputation and identity development

A healthy corporate reputation wins the trust and loyalty of customers, attracts investors and persuades financiers, gains and retains talented employees, leads to higher profits and shareholder value, and sustains the company during stormy periods.

We help build your corporate identity by advising on:

  • Company name
  • Logo and symbols
  • Company slogan
  • Corporate colours and typeface
  • Interior and exterior architecture
  • Signage
  • Stationery and literature
  • Corporate gift items
  • Staff uniforms and accessories


Project communication

Project communication is conducted under the leadership and guidance of the country’s foremost expert in this field. Tom Ferreira, managing member of Public Ear CC, has more than 30 years’ experience in public relations, project communication and dealing with national and local governments.

Public Ear CC is the only public relations agency in Southern Africa that specialises in project communication. Public Ear CC successfully developed, managed and implemented stakeholder involvement and communication programmes for about twenty projects in South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia, following an approach of constructive dialogue and consultation to resolve conflict and reach mutually beneficial solutions.

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