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Academic Magic

Academic literacy workshops  •  

Did you know? Magic Camel’s partner, LCaT (Language Courses and Tests), offers academic literacy workshops, which are overseen by Professor Albert Weideman, author of several articles and books on academic literacy. 

The LCaT Academic Literacy Workshop

Visit: The LCaT Academic Literacy Workshop. The workshop will prepare you for any academic literacy test, including the AQL (Academic and Quantitative Literacy) component of the National Benchmark Test (NBT).  What to expect:

  • A three-hour session to prepare you for any test of academic and quantitative literacy
  • Tests and exercises to assess your language ability
  • A workbook with practice tests and answers for you to take home (in English or Afrikaans)
  • Feedback on your assessment

Cost: R550 per student (including the workbook).

Contact: Albert Weideman at, or 0827733787.

We travel to any destination provided that we have a minimum of 20 participants.

LCaT has received excellent feedback on their English and Afrikaans workshops at leading schools. Click on the LCaT website for recommendations and photos of past events.


Why do I need to prepare for university admission?

Students who are now in Grades 11 to 12 will soon face the challenges and demands of using academic language in the world of tertiary education. Many universities require prospective students to complete academic literacy tests, such as the Academic and Quantitative Literacy component (AQL) of the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs), or others. Also read: NBT AQL preparation: yes or no?

What is academic literacy?

Why is it important?  For a definition of academic literacy, see the ‘What is academic literacy‘ page on Albert Weideman’s website.

Can I prepare for an academic literacy test?

You cannot study and memorise any specific subject matter.  But by doing exercises and studying the correct answers, you can of course hone your academic thinking skills. And you can get used to the format and types of questions, which are quite different from tests and exams that you are used to.

 Where can I find material which can assist me?

 Our workbook with practice tests and answers will help you achieve the best possible results for these tests.

Academic Literacy: Five new tests / Albert Weideman

Akademiese geletterdheid: Vyf nuwe toetse / Albert Weideman en Stef Ferreira

The above are available from Geronimo Distribution. Simply complete the order form.

Even better: enroll for an LCaT workshop.

Note: We are experts on academic and quantative literacy (AQL) testing.  For the maths component,  please contact Purple Pepper Maths.

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