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Academic Magic

Academic literacy workshops 

See the 2017 calendar and reserve a place with Zonia Ferreira at R550, for both workshop and book. For the Free State and environs, contact Albert Weideman.


26 May 2017
Hoërskool Witteberg, Bethlehem
13 May 2017
Crawford College, Pretoria
12 May 2017
Hoërskool Waterkloof, Pretoria
18 April 2017
C&N Meisieskool Oranje, Bloemfontein
30 March 2017
Eunice High School, Bloemfontein


One-on-one sessions

In addition to the above, you can request a one-on-one session or a workshop for a small group, in Pretoria or Bloemfontein.

We are also willing to travel to other parts in the country on request. Contact details are provided below.


Ms Zonia Ferreira

083 274 8591
012 460 2924

Prof. Albert Weideman

082 773 3787
051 436 9711


Why do I need to prepare for university admission?

Students who are now in Grades 10 to 12 will soon face the challenges and demands of using academic language in the world of tertiary education.

Most universities require prospective students to complete academic literacy tests, such as the Academic and Quantitative Literacy component (AQL) of the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs). In order to submit your application, your NBT results need to be available. The NBTs  are written at various venues throughout South Africa.  Fees, dates, times and venues are available on the NBT website (


Can I prepare for the AQL section of the NBT?

Is-jy-gereedTest your competenceYou cannot study and memorise any specific subject matter.  But by doing exercises and studying the correct answers, you can of course hone your academic thinking skills. And you can get used to the format and types of questions of the NBTs, which are quite different from tests and exams that you are used to. So let us help you achieve the best possible results on these unusual tests.

So what is academic literacy and why is it important?

To see what it’s all about, read the introduction to a book written by some of South Africa’s foremost language testers:

Academic Literacy: Test your competence / by Albert Weideman and Tobie van Dyk (editors)

You can buy this sought after book – order details are available from the link above. To derive the full benefit, however, why not attend a Magic Camel workshop and receive a complimentary copy?

Why the LCaT Workshop?

Magic Camel’s partner, LCaT (Language Courses and Tests), offers academic literacy workshops, which are overseen by Albert Weideman, editor of  Academic Literacy: Test your competence. These workshops, presented by highly experienced teachers in first and additional language teaching in South Africa and internationally, will test and develop your academic language ability.

The quality and efficiency of the literacy tests are indisputable. They derive from the creative designs and practical experience of a team of experts from several South African universities. Click here for the Academic Literacy pamplet in PDF.

WiiFY? (what’s in it for you?)

  • A three-hour workshop to prepare you for the NBT
  • Tests and exercises to assess your language ability
  • A workbook for you to practise
  • Feedback on your assessment

Cost: R550 per student


LCat has received excellent feedback on their English and Afrikaans workshops at leading schools. See news items below.

2016 Hoërskool Waterkloof, Pretoria: Kan jy voorberei vir akademiese geletterdheidstoetse?
2016 Eunice High School, Bloemfontein: Another first for Eunice with workshop on academic literacy assessment


Note: We are the experts on the language section NBT (AQL). For the Mathematics section, NBT (Mat) please contact Purple Pepper Maths.

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